Mariquina tells the bittersweet story of IMELDA GUEVARRA, a successful businesswoman, who grew up with an emotionally distant father, ROMEO, a once recognized shoemaker who lost both his shoe factory and his beloved wife.  When Imelda is informed about her father’s death, she tentatively proceeds with the funeral preparations. Her search for the last perfect pair of shoes serves as the catalyst that opens up old wounds. It also unlocks memories of growing up in awe and why her mother, Leoner, left them.

The rise, fall and revival of shoemaking in Marikina, the footwear capital of the Philippines are unravelled through the story of Imelda and Romeo, aided by a delightfully rare cinematic appearance by the former first lady and patroness of shoes, Imelda Marcos.  The father-daughter struggle illustrates the challenge of a nation trying to re-establish its identity. Imelda takes that important step to confront the truths about herself and the father she must lay to rest. What she finds is far more valuable than a pair of shoes. She discovers her soul.

Mariquina is a tale about finding oneself, acceptance and forgiveness. Unlike the former, First Lady, Imelda is indifferent towards shoes. To her, they are fraught with the bittersweet nostalgia of childhood, one that was marred by a difficult relationship with her shoe-maker father, Romeo. Now a mature woman, she takes a pivotal call from the morgue, spurring her search for the perfect pair of shoes for her dead father. The deeper she searches for the perfect shoes, the more she finds herself.


Director: Milo Sogueco

Writer: Jerold Tarog, Henry Burgos, Gay Ace Domingo, Milo Sogueco

Starring: Mylene Dizon, Ricky Davao, Bing Pimentel

Producers: Ernest Escaler, Paul Soriano