Fresh from a public outburst and on the verge of quitting his band, Diego Punzalan takes a trip to his province of Siargao to take a break from his problems. There, he meets Laura Molina, a perky but sassy vlogger, who was recently dumped by her longtime boyfriend, Mikey, from whom she declined a wedding proposal. She has embarked on a solo trip to nurse her broken heart and challenge her fear of risks and independence. Diego challenges Laura to step out of her boundaries as they explore his home. Going back to his hometown also means going back to face the issues he left behind including with Abi Williams, his Fil-Australian former flame, one he shared a deep and heartbreaking history with. In this small and secluded surf town, the unlikely triangle of Diego, Laura, and Abi find themselves returning to their past decisions and mistakes while uncertain about the future that lies ahead. Where the tides change quickly and the ocean never stays still, they learn to take chances, and learn that, perhaps, commitment might be the biggest risk they will ever have to make.


Director: Paul Soriano

Producers: Paul Soriano, Mark Victor

Starring: Jericho Rosales, Erich Gonzales, Jasmine Curtis

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