Films in Development


A woman, desperate to find help for her sick daughter, takes a job at a call center only to be confronted by a ghost that haunts it.


A biographical film on the psychological look of going into the mind and exploring the psyche and artistic process behind the genius that is Cecile Licad. It’s a symbolic and experimental look into the process and greatness of this world renowned Filipino pianist.


Loakan is a story of an alcoholic air traffic controller who continually attempts to contact his missing wife who he claims was taken by a UFO while struggling to navigate life in a town where people believe he murdered her.


It is based on the story of Hiroo Onoda, a Japanese soldier assigned in the Philippines during World War II, who is on a mission to prove his loyalty by refusing to believe any attempts of telling him to surrender and continuing to fight for a war even if it’s been long gone for thirty years.

Never Say Die

This is the story of Robert Jaworski who solidified the foundation of one of the most celebrated franchises in the history of Philippine basketball. At the turning point of one of his biggest games, he has paved the way for a unique and different kind of mentality, discipline, and fighting spirit that has carried on to the next generations — the “Never Say Die” mentality.

Freedom. Peace. Justice.

A young tribesman influenced by Fernando Poe Jr.’s portrayal of heroic characters in films challenges the social injustice his tribe faces to liberate it from destruction caused by external individuals.

The Pacific Theater

Pacific Theater is set in the Philippines around the 1940’s and is the central location of the four-act-story that highlights different relationships that took place not only in reality but are also reflected on-stage of the theater. From chasing and risking one’s life just to seek one’s son especially with just hours before he passes; manifesting the struggle of women then as having to submit to Japanese authorities’ please; to an act of true friendship or morality despite going against powerful groups and the fight to save humanity or to say the least, the youth.  


Remembrance is a story of an aging Jewish-American doctor with a faltering memory reluctantly hires a live-in Filipina caregiver. The two discover kinship and develop a close friendship despite their differences.


Migrante is a story about when the lives of two Filipino siblings change as they decide to move to a foreign land to finally be with their parents; and because of this, they find out about the harsh truth about their parents that has been hidden from them for years.


Fix follows the story of two old flames whose paths meet again after a decade. They have matured and changed, but because of an airport shutdown, they once again meet and realize that the love they have for each other remain.

Beauty Queen Rebel

A story based on a former beauty queen, who soon after her reign, decides to join a communist rebel group to fight for her beliefs.

The Way Station

Way Station is a story about Jakob Weisse, a young European Jew who escapes an internment camp and sails to the American Commonwealth of the Philippines, where he struggles to find a way to save his parents from the Holocaust and in the process, experiences love for the first time, punctuated by loss, disappointment and hope.

Man on The Wall

The Man on the Wall is an ancient entity with no real origin. He has been in the apartment grounds even before its establishment. The Man on the Wall has become a witness to everything that happened in the apartment over the years.

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